Character Roster

Zeta’s: Powerful psychic aliens
Titans: A race that overthrew Zeta rule on their home planet and has warred with them for thousands of years. Titans are a partially mineral species making members of the race fantastically resilient, physically powerful, and incredibly long lived.
Proteans: A now extinct human sub-race that gained an incredibly high technology level and waged war on the galaxy.
Trell: A green skinned highly intelligent humanoid race who’s home planet was enslaved during the Protian wars. Trell desire to destroy humanity.

Maybe titans are silicone based life forms.

Space Characters
Annihlus: The God-Eater, the Sun Killer. The most powerful being and force in the galaxy.
Kragan:(Darkseid) A Titan warlord who desires to conquer the universe.
Slyth: (Desaad) A scheming Protean advisor to Kragan. His dark technological experiments have ravaged his body and mind.
Pirate Queen
Power Woman

Earth Characters
Champions Alliance (Justice League)*
Vanguard:(Superman) Founded the Champions alliance. Earth’s most powerful hero.
Olympia:(Wonder Woman) Athena’s Chosen. Once a Spartan woman who fought hundreds of Persians defending her home.
Guardian: (Green Lantern) The designated defender of Earth, wields a gauntlet that is a Zeta artifact of considerable power and the traditional weapon of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Wraith:(Batman/Nick Fury) The enemy of crime worldwide. Wraith founded SPECTRE a worldwide network of spies and operatives that lets him hunt criminals the world over. He considers himself the ambassador of humanity as a countermeasure to the Alliance’s more unusual members.
Speed:(Flash) A youthful speedster. The team’s only New Meta who joined after foiling a plot to destroy his home city.
Jekyll:(Hulk) Once a brilliant scientist he was at the epicenter of the Peakskill incident and became transformed into a mutated hulk. In his blood mingles the Alpha and Omega serums as well as several strains of Juice he was studying at the moment. His intellect remains but is wrapped in a form quite monstrous.
Thor: An old world conqueror, adventurer, tomb raider and artifact hunter. After being interred in slumber he has been returned to Earth as part of an ancient bargain. With his host of artifact armaments he will seek a worthy end in glorious battle.

New Agents (X-men)
(Prof X) Son of Psion and founder of Newhampton Academy. Secretly operates a covert war against militant evil worldwide.
Patriot:(Cap America) Once the pride of the American army in WW2 he was the original Alpha Serum success. He spends his remaining years now training the next generation of metahumans as the Academies combat specialist.
War:(Wolverine) A result of a series of programs to create the perfect soldier. Between his time as an Alpha Serum subject, a gene splicing project, the installation of sub-dermal armor and field tests of his efficacy he has survived the impossible.
Redshift:(Cyclops) Studied and trained from a young age for his ability to replicate Vanguard’s heat vision capabilities he is a reliable and trustworthy member of Oracle’s staff.
Celeste: (Angel) A new meta who dreamed of becoming a dancer before her ability to fly developed. After being captured by Sculptor she was subject to painful experiment. Now possessing a pair of robotic “wings” she struggles with her recent trauma.
Warp: (Nightcrawler): A new meta, unique in his ability to replicate Vanguards supersonic flight speeds he unfortunately cannot sustain his speeds for anything more than incredibly brief bursts. With the audible crack of a man-sized sonic boom he can instantly reappear elsewhere with his distinctive “warps”.
Wildfire:(Human Torch) A metahuman capable of flight and maintaining an external body temperature of several thousand degrees Celsius.
Metal:(Colossus) A new meta capable of superhuman strength and durability. He worked for Sculptor until being subject to experiment himself. He now lives inside of an irremovable metal “suit” that acts as a reminder of his previous life.
Prodigy:(Jean Grey/Storm) A psychic prodigy and powerful metahuman. Granddaughter to Psion she is being educated and trained by Newhampton. She is considered to be the best weapon to employ against Psion and as a result she is often under considerable pressure from trainers and educators.
Pierce:(Gambit) A metahuman hailing from Ireland capable of emitting tremendous heat from his hands. He spent time as a covert operative and specializes in knife-throwing. He carries custom tungsten blades as their melting point is 3 times higher than steel which he superheats before throwing to making them lighter, faster, and capable of penetrating thin armor plating.
Manimal:(Beast/Beast Boy) Once a young normal boy he became victim of gene splicing experiments by Komodo. He formed a close bond with War while they were imprisoned together in one of Komodo’s labs. When War escaped he freed Manimal and the two now act as each others grounding forces in the world.
Omega Girl:(Supergirl) A surviving Protean brought to earth by her older sister, a Protean warrior, to be put under Vanguards care. She is the focus of international attention for both good and ill.
Scarlet:(Hawkeye) A young olympic hopeful in archery who was taken hostage by a villainous metahuman during a robbery. After being rescued by OIympia she devoted her life to gaining the skills to follow in her new idol’s footsteps as a crimefighter. She is the only non-metahuman enrolled at Newhampton Academy.

Solo Heroes
Scorpion:(Spider Man)
Sam “Block Party” Clay:(Luke Cage) He likes that movie.

Mastermind Villains
Psion:(Magneto) The worlds first psychic human, all psychics are direct descendants of him. Born in Germany in the early 30’s as a young boy he learned what small abilities he had were utterly unique and came to fear them, hiding them to avoid alienation or condemnation . As a youth he would be sent to a concentration camp for his Jewish heritage where he became subjected to inhuman experiments intended to replicate America’s Alpha Serum. While dozens of others died his body and mind were ravaged by ceaseless pains and splitting headaches. Secretly exercising his powers until they were sufficient to grant him a chance at escape he broke free of the facility and killed his captors. In the years to follow he would emerge intermittently around Europe or South America as lead suspect in a murder, usually of German expatriates. In the last 30 years he has gathered enough Metahuman followers and devotees to seriously challenge governments around the world, which he does whenever he deems them a potential threat to the Jewish or metahuman people.
Sculptor:(Mr. Sinister) A hypercognitive who’s limitless genius serves his wild visions. A peerless surgeon, sculptor, painter, metalworker, chemist, and doctor. He is infamous for committing terrible crimes to create his dark “masterpieces”. Often altering some person or thing to fit some imagined ideal.
Komodo:(Lizard) A singular genius in gene therapy and research he experimented with human animal genetic hybridization. Eventually subjecting himself with reptilian DNA to combat a degenerative disease he continues his experimentation at the behest of unscrupulous bidders who desire his services.
The Machinist: A hypercognitive who is a master of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. He sells autonomous robots and weapons platforms to bidders he desires to see gain worldly power. His Mandroids and Headhunters (advanced Mandroids) are seen as effective solutions for combating Metahuman threats for those who gain them.

Soviet:(Omega Red) This former KGB officer became the U.S.S.R.‘s greatest success in replicating the Alpha Serum. After the fall of the Soviet Union he left Russia and worked all over the world for dictators and warlords as a director of espionage. He became a terrorist organizer and arms seller and is an internationally wanted man. After some metahuman defeats he has spent a fortune purchasing extensive body modifications from the Sculptor and is now an even deadlier threat than before.
Killjoy:(Punisher/Deathstroke) This former hero cop lost everything when he went up against a powerful crime lord who had his family killed in a failed attempt to kill him. The case was then thrown out when some obviously paid officers supplied alibis to the murderers. The officer disappeared and years later every name involved would turn up dead in short order, some seemingly accidentally some obviously. Killjoy now exists as a heartless murderer who loves nothing and will kill for anyone who will pay him to eliminate more of the vermin he sees as the human race.
Feral:(Sabretooth) A loyal experiment of Komodo’s Feral is a dangerous creature. A textbook sociopath Feral desires to have and to harm. He shows up the world over when money or amusement run thin and works as metahuman muscle, occasionally directing his own jobs if they allow some bloodshed and aren’t so complex they require lots of management.
Leech:(Parasite/Morbius)A somewhat grotesque looking metahuman who in some ways was a very successful Omega Serum experiment. His capabilities include flight, superstrength, and durability. Unfortunately Leech’s nanites appear to have drastic energy storage problems and he is forced to seek out sources of massive electrical or nuclear energy. He has the ability to drain energy from other individuals with Omega Serum nanites and hunts them relentlessly.
Hazard:(Atomic Skull/Mr Freeze) An Omega serum experiment gone wrong. He emits energy in a range that makes him technically count as a radioactive hazard. He wears a robotic suit supplied to him by Dr. Devol that allows him to regulate his deadly energies.
Claw: Claw was a super soldier program subject that was used as a prototype for the process used to create War. He survived through the program and is a functional Alpha but requires regular pharmaceutical aid to stay alive. He works for Sculptor as a handyman and soldier.
Fatale: A vicious beauty. Fatale is an assassin and a sadist and is as alluring on the outside as she is revolting on the inside. She purchased some body shoppe modifications with some ill gotten blood money and now takes work targeting metahumans.
Cyborg Ninja: A Chinese assassin who uses a recovered Trell suit that has been spot repaired with human technology to operate again. His suit has active camouflage and can render him virtually invisible if immobile.

Inhumans: Bad looking mutants.

Character Roster

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